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Sweeping & Servicing

We are fully HETAS Registered and Insured Installers offering all aspects of stove and open fire sweeping and maintenance.

Regular chimney sweeping is of paramount importance. All flues should be swept and stoves thoroughly cleaned and serviced as per the manufacturers guidelines. However, depending on how often you use your stove and the type of fuel you are burning, sweeping and/or servicing may be required more frequently. 

Manufacturers warranties are only valid if a competent person carries out the sweeping and servicing at the correct intervals. Moreover, a growing number of insurance companies will require documented proof that the correct maintenance has been carried out. We provide appropriate documentation with every sweep and service carried out which details all of the work undertaken.

Sweeping is essential to maintain the safe and efficient operation of your appliance or open fire. Due to the nature of the combustion process, deposits of soot and creosote can accumulate in the flue. This not only reduces it’s effectiveness and efficiency but more importantly compromises the safe operation and can potentially lead to a chimney fire.

Stove servicing involves a thorough inspection of the appliance body and its controls. We ensure your appliance is operating both safely and efficiently by carrying out various operational tests. Any issues that can be corrected at the time regarding consumable items are included in the price such as the replacement of heat resistant silicone and fire cement and the re-gluing of rope seals.

During both the sweeping and stove servicing process we will check that appliance data plates are correctly sited with the appropriate information recorded and that Carbon Monoxide alarms are present and fully operational. Carbon monoxide alarms should also be present for open fires. 

All inspections are conducted to the standards set by HETAS, Building Regulations and stove/flue manufacturers guidelines.


Sweeping of stoves connected to a twin insulated (twin-wall) flue or a flexible stainless steel chimney liner – Prices start at £40 per sweep.

Unlined chimney sweeping for stoves or open fires - Prices start at £50 per sweep.

Stove appliance inspection and servicing - Prices start at £40 depending on required work.

N.B. If replacement parts are required this will incur an extra cost.