Carse Country Stoves Stove Installations Perth Dundee and Tayside


Kiln dried firewood is available upon request. Our firewood comes delivered in tightly packed individual net bags and is guaranteed to be 20% moisture content and below.

Net bags measure approximately 500mm x 200mm. The log length is approximately 250mm so will fit most stoves and open fires. All prices include VAT and free delivery. 

12 Net bags - £85.00

20 Net bags - £135.00

24 Net bags - £160.00

IMPORTANT: All stoves and open fires should burn wood that is of no more than 20% moisture content to ensure optimum heat is produced, avoid damage to the stove body and flue system and prevent chimney fires. Please check that your open fire or stove will accept a 250mm log before making a purchase. Some areas of Scotland will not be eligible for free delivery. Please enquire about delivery costs prior to ordering.

Don't settle for less. A damp fire is a disappointing fire!

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